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Creating a Curb Design That Suits Your Property

Creating a Curb Design That Suits Your Property

Speak to one of our owners about your concrete curb design in Loveland & Greeley, CO

Time to install concrete curbing? Old Glory Custom Curbing in Greeley, CO is ready to help you. Our owners work with every customer personally to create beautiful concrete curb designs. You'll work with one of them to customize your design to fit your vision for your residential or commercial property.

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Helping you create the perfect design

Installing custom concrete curbing starts with creating the design. The design process includes:

  • Choosing a design that suits your style
  • Selecting a color for your concrete border
  • Designing a layout for your curbing or edging

You can choose from a wide range of styles for your concrete curb design. Your curbing could imitate materials like wood, brick or stone for a stylish design. For more information on our different curbing styles, contact us now.