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Jed Smith, a combat Marine Veteran was born and raised on the bayou in Lafayette Louisiana.

After his service he got into the oilfield and moved to Colorado where he met his wife, of 13 years, Amanda Smith.

They have 2 little girls and planted their roots in Northern Colorado. I got to sit down and talk with Jed, a true american hero ( he does not consider himself one at all ), a man that is beyond intimidating and yet I couldn’t help 

but walk away loving what a down home, southern guy he was and a little bit better of a man, myself, because of him.

What I thought was going to be an ordinary story…. was anything less than ordinary. 

With every stroke of this keyboard… I hope, I can get you to see through the lens of these 2 ordinary people, that God has done extraordinary things through.

This….. This is Their Story.


Author- ” What did you do before Old Glory Custom Curbing ” 

Jed Smith- ” I finished my career out as a Directional But in the oilfield for about 20 years “

Author- ” 20 years? Wow. 

Jed Smith- ” Haha yeah, you’re telling me! “

Author- ” Before you got into the oilfield, is when you served your country? In 

The UNITED STATES MARINE CORPS? And not only are you a Veteran. You’re a combat vet?”

Jed Smith- ” Yessir. “

Author- ” Thank you for your service “

Jed Smith- ” My pleasure ” 

Author- ” So… you got any good combat stories you wanna tell me? You’re the real deal! Your wife showed me some old photos of you, some of your medals and ribbons, a little bit of your DD214. You are An old school, Force Recon Marine. Combat action. 

I mean, I know you got some stories to tell “

( I saw all his weight, about 240lbs, transfer to his hands and he starts rubbing the tops of his legs. His eyes are dark brown, and I witnessed with my own eyes the light in his eyes fade into what they call “A thousand-yard stare” 

I knew in that moment I, unintentionally, took him back to a ” war zone. ” a few seconds, which felt like an eternity, I quickly shifted gears.)

Author- ” Hey man, I am so sorry, lets retract and get back on course. Tell me how you met your wife? 13 years married?! 2 beautiful little girls. “

( Jed Smiling now and that light back in his eyes… the world within him lit up when I mentioned his wifes name )

Jed Smith- ” I met her at a gym in Rifle CO and yes Lord help me, my girls are too cute “

Author- Ok so you met her in Rifle CO of all places! Youre directional drilling. You get married and have 2 little girls. Move down here to Northern CO.

Tell me how Old Glory came about “

Jed Smith- I was tired of leaving my family and the older they got… the harder it got. I was home 2 weeks out of 2 months ( maybe longer, depending on my rig )

Author- Where was your rig?

Jed Smith- Oh man, my rig traveled all over. Utah, Wyoming, New Mexico, Texas…

Author- I bet that was hard

Jed Smith- It got hard towards the end. 

Author- Why towards the end?

Jed Smith- After The Corps, I needed to keep myself distracted. I couldn’t get into the swing of normalcy. You know, you go from blowing guys out of their shoes to going home and changing diapers? It was hard and I don’t expect everyone to understand but that’s what makes this even more complicated. What you do for your country, is not normal. You’re never the same. How do you try and function in a world that would deem you as a monster? Well… We all deal with it differently and I dealt with it by drowning myself in work. 

Author- Wow. You seem like you have it all together.

Jed Smith- Not everything is as it seems, and as for me, It took a phone call to wake me up.

Author- What do you mean?

Jed Smith- I got a phone call one day saying ” your wife was in a really bad car accident and we don’t know if she’s going to make it “

She was hit by a drunk driver, at a combined speed of 150mph. The guy was killed instantly, she was in intensive care for about 5 days with a brain hemorrhage. She was broken. She was broken from the top of her head to the bottoms of her feet. 

I flew home on the first flight out. I couldn’t get home fast enough and thought to myself ” this is it. ” I can’t leave my wife and kids again. 

Well… The pandemic hit and shut the whole world down. 

I was home. I was home with my wife. Teaching her how to walk again, literally rehabbing her knee by watching YouTube videos bc the WHOOOLE world shut down. 

They hit so hard, her femur shattered her tibia. Her ribs were shattered. Her hips, spine and neck were fractured. Fractures in her face, ankle, toes… Shes a walking miracle and I got to be home. With her. With my daughters. And I thought ” I’m not leaving again “

So, one day I was at the gym and ran into a good buddy, who was also wanting to get out of the oilfield and be home with his wife and his boys, had this crazy idea of flying to Wisconsin and go to school and training for flatwork and curbing. 

2 Years later, I stuck with the curbing, and he got into the flatwork and the rest is history.

My wife is doing well and recovering. She runs the back end of this operation, and i always joke by telling my customers ” I got to call my boss.” 

My girls come out to jobs with me and help run concrete and let me tell you what. They’re some hard-working lil things. 

( I swiftly turn my attention, now to Jeds wife, Amanda. Her eyes this ocean blue and you can see the light of the world in them shes smiling this smile thats warm and gracious )

Author- Amanda. I think this is the first time in my life, I have been at a loss of words. ( ask my mom, she’ll tell you )

First off, You are a walking miracle. 2nd off, after hearing everything and Jeds story…. How hard was all of this for you. From the moment you met Jed, until now?

( She ponders my question for a minute takes a deep breath, and i knew to take what she was about to say, very seriously)

Amanda- To understand someones pain, is the greatest healer in this world.

And bc i understand a military wives pain.

The pain of her children.

And the heartwrenching pain of a Marine, who is in bondage for fighting for our freedom, that he is no longer free.

My heart breaks for the wives, who feel there is no end in sight.

The kids who think that its their fault, their daddy is always angry and disconnected. Bc they dont understand what war does.

A momma trying to feed the right kind of love to her husband and needing to feed the right kind of love to her babies.

Its hard. And thats where my heart breaks. 

It breaks for The Marine thats dead and lifeless inside. 

Trying to give something he no longer has, which is Love. Peace. Freedom.

Our war is much more long suffering. Trying. Trying everything we can, GIVING up our love. Our Peace. Our Freedom to the man we love. 

And sometimes, its not easy. But it was worth it. 

To fight for my husband and what hes done in his life, to bear his pain and lie awake at night while hes having nightmares and lightly touch his hands so he doesnt feel alone, even though he doesnt know I am there…. is worth losing a nights sleep over.

And sometimes, its not easy. But it’s worth it. 

To lose in life so that someone else may gain life… I think is what life is really about. I think thats why Jesus came here. He lost in life so that we may gain. To sit with the broken. To fight for them when they lost the fight in themselves. 

You dont fight bc you hate the ones in front of you. You fight bc you love the ones behind you.

I get to fight for my husband, just as he fought for me, you, and everyone else you see. 

My husband will never be fully free, but at the end of the day… are any of us really free?

In an uncertain world, there are 3 things that will, forever, remain certain

My God is still sitting on His throne.

America is still the greatest country.

And Our Military is still alive and stronger than ever! 



 This is where I say goodbye and let you meet Jed Smith, A USMC Veteran, A Father, and A husband ( 3 titles that he holds with honor ). Amanda Smith, A Wife, A mother, A God-Fearing woman with a heart of gold. Their Story…. Its profound. Its life changing. And I hope it changes you, for the better… As it did me. I have never been prouder to be an American, than I am today.)

Jed Smith, A true American hero. A Marine

Amanda Smith, a true american patriot and someone that makes this country worth fighting for.

Thank you for your service. I can never repay you but I promise to be someone that was worth fighting for.

Thank you for sharing your story. May God bless your life, forever. 

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Jed and his crew did an amazing job on our backyard curbing! They are punctual, professional and helped us choose the best curbing for our project. Highly recommend them!
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Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value.
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Very professional, high quality work and reasonably priced. We are very happy with the concrete curbing!
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